Happy New…?

I did nothing special on the night of 31st December, but, hearing the revelries outside, began to worry that I had turned into a humourless and colourless old man.

I wondered why they were drinking, dancing and bursting crackers all night. What were they celebrating? A relief from the stress of the life they led last year or to hope for a happier life in the next year?

Despite deep thought overnight – because sleep was impossible in that noise – I did not find an answer, till I saw this forward!

After that, there were many messages, all wishing me a Happy New Year, which, I believe, is akin to wishing a happy married life, because both do not come without a fair share of arguments.

Ask Richard Burton. He married five times and twice, consecutively, to Liz Taylor. That’s optimism!

And why not?


Later that day, a friend called and said, “Best wishes for your new year!”

“My new year? When is yours?”

“On Padwa.” He said, his patronising tone reminding me of my forgotten roots.


That made me wonder, when is the actual new year? 

Different religions and countries follow their own calendars and celebrate new year on various dates. 

With the Earth revolving around the sun in a circle, where is the beginning and where is the end? Then what differentiates old from new?

Only that the Earth was at that point 365 days ago. 

But the same logic applies to every season, every month and every day. 

So why not wish others and yourself a Happy New Month and a Happy New Day? And going a step further, why not Happy New Hour and Minute and Moment?

Each moment is unique and will never come back, no matter how we spend it. Then, why not live only the next moment happily? If we can be happy only for a moment, every moment, it will build up to a lifetime of happiness. And who does not want to be happy?

So, let me wish you something easily achievable, yet profoundly ambitious:

Happy New Moment to you!


©Avinash Chikte


3 thoughts on “Happy New…?

  1. Agreed. It is like clock resetting. New beginnings, new resolutions and new plans. Some of them last as long as one day. But it gives a reason for families and friends to come together. In today’s mad World that’s all that matters.

  2. Great and high level thought.

    Fully agree that we look for known opportunities to celebrate.

    Why not create an opportunity every moment.

    Happy New Moment

  3. सिर्फ 19 से 20 तक, जबकि लोग नाचने और पीने के लिए पागल हो रहे हैं…

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