‘Bhuj – The Pride of India’ is But a Ride of Hysteria!

I was a fighter pilot in the Indian Air Force and have done two tenures in Bhuj. Having spent five years flying over and driving around Kutch, I was keen to relive the happy memories of my days in the IAF and in Kutch.

I must confess, the movie brought tears to my eyes. Tears of mirth, because it is so ridiculously hilarious, despite the makers being so serious.

First, the Commander of a forward airbase is partying when the PAF planes bomb his base, and shoot at our planes parked in the open like sitting ducks.

Then, among all the dazzling explosions, a lot of suicidal men run helter-skelter, happily injuring themselves. Meanwhile Devgn, like an indestructible God – Dev, sans a gun – rams his burning jeep into an inferno of a blazing plane, flies a few feet into the air above that fire, falls on a concrete runway, and ends up with nothing more than a gash on the forehead. Rubber bones, eh?

Then he fires an anti-aircraft gun and shoots down half the Pakistan Air Force in seconds, before going out to kill a spy, and exchange jingoistic dialogue with a Paki commander on a landline telephone.

Next, an invincible Indian fighter pilot runs a mile through the explosions, jumps into a MiG-21 that is loaded with rockets and bombs meant to attack ground targets, and takes off from a crater filled runway to defend the country.

After an impossible dogfight, he crashes into the sea, purportedly the Rann of Kutch, and walks out of the water without a scratch, onto a beautiful beach even the Goans would envy.

Then a Pakistani husband discusses grand strategy at home, while his wife, who is an Indian spy, hears it all, then kills him and walks away, with his blood still on her forehead, killing innumerable soldiers with her bare hands.

Next, an Indian Army Colonel defends Kutch with 120 men and one Pagi (scout), against 100 tanks and 1800 soldiers of the Pak army, by using unconventional and unconvincing tactics like throwing petrol filled bottles in the air and then shooting at them. How would that hurt the enemy, unless he dies laughing?

On the advice of the Pagi, that Colonel also builds a dam across the creek and then destroys it, all in one night, flooding away half the attackers.

After that, the Pagi carries out ‘pest control’ against the remaining Paki soldiers, who respectfully refuse to shoot him, even as he uses only an axe, like Thor, to hack a hundred of them. Why bro, why?

Next, we meet a local lady who kills a computer-generated leopard with a single stroke of a sickle and then sings a patriotic song before leading a group of women to the airfield to repair it. Don’t forget, she also breaks her home to provide rubble to fill the enormous crater created by a bomb that did NOT explode!

So, they repair the runway, just when a spoilsport Paki plane promptly drops another bomb and creates another crater, which they immediately repair, even as the Commander – and his wife – drive a road-roller on top of it!

They do this all in a few hours, while our ubiquitous pilot friend is orbiting overhead Bhuj airfield. This is the same fighter pilot who had crashed his MiG-21 and walked out unscathed; who went to Punjab to console his friend’s grieving mother; who apprehended a spy by hitting him on the head with a soda bottle, wasting perfectly bubbly soda instead of adding it to his rum; and who has now learnt to fly a transport plane, as if shifting from one aircraft to another is as easy as driving an Indica after driving a Maruti – all in a matter of a week. Makes us wonder if the IAF had only one pilot those days!

But he has damaged the nosewheel of his plane during take-off, so he pulls off a stunt copied from a fake video that did the rounds last year, and lands with his plane’s broken nose resting on a fast-moving truck, driven by – who else – the omnipotent Base Commander!

Then the 450 soldiers still standing – yes, standing – inside the plane drive off to the border post, but all in vain, because the Paki tanks, scared by our bottles and bullets, have already turned tail and gone home.

Finally, everyone lives happily ever after.

Everyone, except the viewer, who is either laughing hysterically at the incredulity of it all, or is in tears at the realisation of having been duped into wasting two good hours.

We can grant the filmmaker an ‘artistic licence’ to dramatise a few scenes and allow for the ‘suspension of disbelief.’ But here, they’ve distorted history, geography, science, strategy, tactics, and civil engineering so much that they demand a ‘suspension of intelligence!’

The OTT platform showing this film has declared the movie as suitable for ages 7 and above. I believe it should be age 7 and below, because only 6-year-olds might enjoy it.

If you are – or were – interested to know about the movie, you can thank me for saving you two hours and bid goodbye.

If you want to know history and facts about the IAF and Bhuj, read on.  

Let’s get the facts out of the way first and then we can deal with the film’s follies.

Yes, the brave ladies of Madhapar did come to the airfield and help repair the runway.

Yes, Squadron Leader Vijay Karnik did command Bhuj airbase before and during the 1971 war.

Yes, Ranchordas Pagi did work as a scout for our Army in 1965 and 1971 wars.

This, I’m afraid, is all that is right with the movie.

And this is not:

No, Squadron Leader Karnik was not partying, singing, and dancing the night the PAF attacked. Our armed forces had been on high alert for months and were quite ready when Pakistan launched preemptive strikes on 3rd December 1971. Bhuj was a forward base, technically called a C&MU – Care and Maintenance Unit, to offer staging facilities for our aircraft going towards Pakistan and emergency recovery for those returning. The IAF conducted all operations from Jamnagar airbase, which is 100 km south of Bhuj.

No, Kutch is not 50% water and 50% desert as they repeatedly assert in the movie, which reminds me of Asrani, the jailer in ‘Sholay’, ordering half his men to go left, the other half to the right and the ‘remaining’ to follow him. So where is the ‘remaining’ land for the people in Kutch to live on?

No, Kutch is also not an island that Pakistan could cut off from India by destroying just three bridges.

No, by 7th Dec 71, India had not already captured Bangladesh, for Pakistan to want to capture Kutch in retaliation.

No, we don’t park precious planes in the open for the enemy to destroy them on the ground. We camouflage the fighter planes in readiness for combat, inside strong concrete structures called ‘blast pens’ that protect them against bomb blasts. And we park bigger transport planes at airfields far away from the borders.

No, pilots don’t have to run a marathon to reach their fighter planes. They sit in blast protected semi-underground bunkers nearby.

No, the Station Commander does not fire anti-aircraft guns. We have experts from the Air Defence Artillery for that. Nor does he physically fight the spies or drive road-rollers.

No, the plane meant to ‘defend’ will not have rocket pods and bombs fitted on it. We use them for ground attack. For air defence, we would fit air-to-air missiles.

No, we don’t run around like headless chicken when an airbase is under attack. We preserve our life, limb and energy to retaliate later.

No, we don’t hang around over enemy airfields to get shot down by the defending missiles and guns. We make one high-speed pass, drop the bombs and get away to fight another day.

No, you don’t have the time and the opportunity to stare at your opponent in air combat. That may have been possible from the slower airplanes of World War I in 1917, not in 1971.

No, we don’t discuss matters like Mom’s knee operation during dangerous wartime missions across the border. There are more urgent matters to attend to during the flight.

No, you can’t send pilots – valuable and scarce assets – from Jamnagar in Gujarat to a village in Punjab to console a friend’s mother in the middle of a war that lasts just two weeks. They would deal with these matters after the war.

No, you couldn’t speak on a land-line phone from Bhuj to some place in Pakistan in 1971. Those days, you could hardly get a trunk call through from Mumbai to Delhi.

No, it is not possible to drop a bomb with the precision of a jeweller placing a gem in a necklace. At least not in 1971. In Bhuj too, 90% of the bombs dropped by the PAF missed the runway.

No, the IAF did not have a transport plane big enough to carry 450 soldiers. And you can’t create space in the aircraft by making the passengers stand. It’s not a State Road Transport Corporation bus!

No, an IAF officer will not go around – even in war – with his tie half open. That would be a disrespect to his uniform.

No, the IAF did not wear the blue uniform in 1971. They wore khakis in summers and Bhuj is never cold enough, even in December, to wear the winter uniform.

No, you cannot replace research and logic with computer graphics and special effects.   

No, we should not make movies without specialist consultants.


©Avinash Chikte

Images courtesy the IAF archives.
On the top is the aerial reconnaissance photo of the Dhaka runway after the IAF bombed it in the 1971 war.
The second photo, taken during the war, is of the actual brave ladies from Madhapar.  

190 thoughts on “‘Bhuj – The Pride of India’ is But a Ride of Hysteria!”

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  2. Ramesh Sukumaran

    Wow Chiks. A great review. Reminds me of the days when we used to go on TD and picked out the worst movie in town to go to, usually in a rundown theatre close to the railway station in company with a sophisticated audience consisting mostly of porters and cab drivers. We got two, rather three hours of non stop entertainment while we yelled and whistled with the best and laughed ourselves silly. Maybe a special screening could be organised for veterans as a gesture by the producer.

  3. Praveen Bhaik

    You echoed our thoughts and sentiments on this poorly made movie.

    Maybe he seemed more focused on improving his image among the Marathi population than making a war movie in true sense.🙏🏻

  4. Vikramaditya Chaudhury

    Just two more points, that is if I have missed them in your exhaustive review. The IAF had developed dual purpose centre line drop tanks that could be used as missiles too! The PAF used napalm and not crartering ordnance to destroy the runway. Brilliant stuff, eh?

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  6. Next time who is “Making a Film” must consult Chikte to ensure Concept remains as realistic as possible to real operations…

  7. Wg Cdr Prabhakar

    Excellent Review. I was also posted at Bhuj. They cannot make mockery of Airforce. Ajay Devgn should have consulted with Airforce before producing such Movie. Thanks for your bold comments.

  8. We as civilians too are curious to know about the various dynamics / aspects of war, heroics of our men, tales of bravery – but it should be sensible and realistic. a bit of drama can be added but it should not distort the high traditions of our armed forces. To be honest, I have got better insight by reading this post than i would get by watching the movie.
    How do movies like Border (Longowala war), Lakshaya (Kargil war) measure up?

  9. Umesh Shastri, Gp Capt Veteran.

    Terrific review. Ajay Dev (no Gun) is wondering why people don’t watch ‘war movies’ made by Indian producers, and prefer Netflix instead. Well your review truly helps to answer that! I was particularly tickled by the AN12 attempting a take off with 500 soldiers on board, and the Sardar pilot (apparently the ONE & ONLY) attempting to pull the control column with what appeared to be several kN of force, and deciding that no ‘500 is too many’!! The ac just stopped on the dime what? Factors like TORA, TODA, ASDA etc being too esoteric for Ajay D to fathom!! This movie is TRASH.

      1. Sir,
        I strongly wish
        IAF takes the makers of this movie to SUPCOURT.
        And no movie should be permmited to screen unless cleared by joint forum of M o D & M o H.
        We need to respect uniformed men & women.
        Looks like BHUJ attack is more harmful than PAF as we had cards allowing to fight on, but here world of glamour is shooting on uniform &amp uniform must take care that there is no second B H U J.
        I must thank you for keeping your ORP spirit soaring.
        Pl.keep it up sir,

      2. Gp Capt Anil Kumar Bali

        Very good postmortem of the movie bhuj. I had the opportunity to serve at the stn from 1984 to 1988. The facts of the story were correct but we in airforce do not work this way. All are give there task and air defence is never left alone, it is always maned. The stunts have made the movie look that there was only on person in Bhuj at that time. Producer, director and hero should have consulted air force person and tried to make it authentic.

  10. Loved your review Sir…finally an actual review. Ty for also sharing a glimpse of how it must be in reality on the ground. Amazingly done.

  11. Sir, nice reading your views.in India anything with big names sales. We need to focus on making war documentaries.

    1. Rajesh Kochhar

      Factual and hardhitting, written with humour. Amitabh’s major Saab was also severally criticized.

    2. Sir,
      Srijani is the group on fb,
      Headed by Lady Randhava based in Canada,
      They have presented 1971 war in 10 episods.
      Pl.see that and I am sure you will be more tha happy.

  12. I so wish this movie had been filmed when we were there at Bhuj… we would have made the entire gang run around the runway twenty times, with the ladies of Madhapar chasing them, sickle in hand, for making such a mockery! Why? Just Why?
    A ‘suspension of intelligence’ indeed! Thanks for saving my two hours, I would rather watch Tom & Jerry instead, as they are more believable!

  13. Ashish Vohra

    I feel encouraged to down a few large drinks and watch this movie. Sounds too good. My son has seen it (you have met him a few times), and he completely agrees with your views. So tonight, Insha!

  14. Brilliant critique! Watching this movie was
    sheer waste of time! Highly melodramatic and unrealistic!

  15. Avi,
    First, a big thank you for putting the facts across in simple terms for the benefit of civilians. (and Pongos like me too).

    But, no thanks due to you from my side for the money saved by not seeing the movie. Simply because, in any case, I don’t see Bollywood movies that portray the Indian armed forces in action. It gives me too much of a headache and heartburn, and I don’t wish pay to suffer from such ailments.

    But, my dear man! You not only had the patience to sit through such a movie, but also to write its synopsis?

    Hats off!

  16. Sameer Pendurkar

    Thank you, Avinash sir for such a great detailed review. It has been a true eye opener for me. I have not watched the movie yet but now I definitely know more details than the cast and director of the movie.

  17. Sir agree with your observations, but today if you have to sell you need to flavour it, plain vanilla will not sell. So please enjoy the movie with pinch of salt 😉☺️

    1. Not easy to add even a pinch of salt because cant see insult of men in uniform… It’s not funny. Very aptly written review Sir, wish IAF would also take a stand.. There was so much hulla when Gunjan Saxena was made.. So why is everyone quiet now?… Being a Fauji kid we could just laugh it off as another bollywood flick made by ignorant makers..but Ajay Devgan needs to step out of his Singham skin before donning the Fauji Uniform… 😄😄

  18. Thank you sir.. For serving the country.. And writing this review and saving millions of peoples previous time..

  19. Dear Avinash,
    That is a brilliant critique of the movie-Bhuj.You have revealed Ajay Devgan’s remarkable foolishness in making this movie. I hope that the ladies portrayed are not betrayed by this buffoon

  20. Thanks for the incisive critique. You have obviously helped save lot of precious time from busy schedules of many retired officers. As a civilian, I would like to know the facts of that night in Bhuj What exactly happened? How bad was the damage? How was the air strip really repaired? How were the village women motivated? Can someone who participated in the the entire exercise share their version, just to set the record straight?

  21. Sanjeev Mehta

    Can’t believe someone can make this kind of stuff in this age. That’s the difference between Bollywood and Hollywood.. at least they do their research well. Thanks for saving me the misery.

    1. These bollywood people make fun of defense force all must be banned and maker of the flim must not be allowed to make flim ever.My sincere advise to Ajay Devgan he should make cartoon films and act in it.People of his country are not fools.It take years to be trained as fighter pilot and technician of aircraft and we all have specific job during war times and no one is superman like him in defense.Its better we deploy Mr Ajay Devgan in one of our forward base so that so much of man power is not wasted because he can do every thing

  22. R. Vijay Chandar

    I did not see the movie and after reading this, I thank God I did not. I enjoyed immensely this tongue in cheek review, which I think is worth more than the price of the ticket I saved.

  23. Hilarious review.Thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Innumerable gems in the writing –I will mention just one – “..unless he (the enemy) dies laughing”.
    Sadly such movies keep getting made and make the public believe in the jingoism in the media going on and on about ‘surgical strikes’.
    I wonder why the patriotic public’s sentiments don’t get hurt by such movies, the way they do with a ‘Padmavat’
    The only saving grace of such movies are the reviews such as yours.

  24. Vinoo Matthew

    I’m beginning to think this is part of a deep-rooted conspiracy by Pakistan’s ISI to make India’s most important heroes, it’s filmmakers, actors and other purveyors of fantasy, look like imbeciles and cretins. They seem to have done a good job.
    Great review, Captain. Very succinct yet eloquent; a great read. I loved your sense of humour, too

      1. Himanshu Nayyar

        Sir… do we have an option where we can ask Mr Dev.. Gun to apologize to the country for his shifty show… aap start of the movie mein bol sakte the… ke aap ne pogo channel pe aadharit ki hai aapni movie….please do not take it seriously… Mr Devgun you have been an amazing and intense actor please do not play with ourove for our country

  25. Sunil Jugulkar

    Completely agree Uncle! It’s disappointing that Bollywood is still making pathetic movie with little or no realism. It’s especially disgusting to watch military movies we make. I watched Shershah recently and it’s a disgrace to be honest for similar reasons. Doing basic research shouldn’t be optional in this day and age when we’ve set the benchmark so high with absolute gems such as Saving Private Ryan, Hurt Locker, Lakshya etc…

  26. Col Vikram Sood

    Wonderfully written in the taught Accuracy Brevity and Clarity of military writing. Thanks a ton for saving precious two hours .

  27. Very Nice review, Sirjee

    Hats off to all the real fighters , Armed forces..

    Thanks for the review…You saved my important 2 hours…

    Nice articulated writing !!!

    Rahul Lale

  28. Kedar Thaakar

    Good evening, Sir…
    Excellent review. Both my sons are movie buffs….and despite their unanimous and strong recommendation not to watch this film, myself and my wife dared to watch it just few hours back…
    for being a Air Force movie and related to Bhuj…..as also, to display our independent judgement ! And at the end of it, we didn’t know where to hide ! Kudos to you, Sir for meticulously bringing out all the aspects with deserved wit and humour. On my part, let me add one more scene – during take off of a transport aircraft, effort in pulling up the nose and the expressions on Pilot’s face !😀

  29. Raghavan P K

    Hi Chiks!

    Wonderfully hilarious review! 👌🏾👍🏾

    – Rags (2201, ’97-2000)

  30. One of the best reviews after a long time.
    By the way why don’t you provide the real story of 1971 Bangladesh War too…will like to hear from you.
    Thanks and regards

  31. Veteran Gp Capt Kapil Shukla

    It was a painful experience to sit through the movie with friends and family. I had a difficult time explaining stupid scenes to them. Felt like kicking the telly. I think, Gp Capt TK Singha, ex Fighter Pilot and thrice PRO ISF and MoD did not take his job seriously while advising the Producer and Director of the film about IAF. Also, how did Air HQ and Censor Board clear such a ludicrous movie ? Very sad !

  32. Fantastic review.Having served in the IAF , watching this hilariously made film is painful. Surprisingly in the film credits Gp Capt TK Singha F(P) VSM &Bar appears. How this film was allowed and cleared by IAF is also surprising. One of the worst war film ever made .

  33. Rustom Jamasji

    My Mistake once again
    I thought the movie would do justice to WingCo Karnik, the IAF, Bhuj and the villagers.
    Thanks for the Heads up & the wake up call

    I guess the call sign of “Hello, Its bollywood” of 2021 trying to depict 1971, cannot even match “Broadsword calling Danny Boy” of 1968 depicting ww2

    1. Very nicely put across Sir! The right humour, the correct facts, good sarcasm and yet, very readable. Regards, Deds

  34. Sir,
    After this review, I am going to watch this movie. It will be a great movie to watch with friends and make jokes and jabs for each plot hole 😂. By the way, you write perfectly, consider me as a new regular reader.😎

  35. Manish Antani

    The movie is actually an insult to Air force, Pagi and people of Bhuj and Madhapar.

  36. Sir, fantastic review. You have pointed the flaws so well, I was glued to the article. Sir, you are a great writer. Thanks for such insightful review.

  37. Vinod Sahasrabuddhe

    Really rediculous made movie.
    It’s an insult to the Airforce and real great legend Pagi.
    Fighter pilot is shown with Navigator batch on the uniform. I was sorry to say the least. Vinod Sahasrabuddhe

  38. Wg Cdr Vinayak Patwardhan

    Wg Cdr Vinayak Patwardhan, transport pilot, ex Packets. Excellent, critical review. Less said the better, about Bollywood. Unfortunately, I have comments from people having liked the movie.


  39. Hello Real Soldier,

    Your review shows shallowness of so called Bollywood
    Against realities of war. Hindi film industry is full of people with bloated egos and fake personality. You cant expect good cinema from so called ,Khans, Bachhans,Kapoors ,johars,Axay Kumar and Ajay Devgan type of frozen actors. They have repeated their emotions, fight sequences, actions, stories and songs again and again and loosing their popularity day by day.
    I salute you for shredding Bhuj , and saving us .



  40. Humourous critic. Hope your summary reaches the indian public. By the way the winter uniform of IAF was always blue. Khaki was for summers and changed to blue in 80s.

  41. Very nice review Sir.
    My husband had suggested me to not watch the movie due to its poor rating.
    Yet I decided to watch it to understand the war time situation through the movie.
    But after your warning and reading this review I have dropped the idea of watching this comedy show !!

    Thank you for the enlightening fact check at the end.
    Hats off to your service and bravery for our country.

  42. Hello Chik sir,

    Fantastic narration,

    No you don’t fly with reheat on always….
    No you don’t wear winter uniform in Bhuj….

    Still so many noooooos……

    Your youngster in 4

  43. Unnati Kamlakar

    Amazingly hilarious review Captain.
    I was all set to watch the movie with a patriotic vibe but Im glad I read your article prior to that !!
    I loved the fact check at the end.

    I wish this article turns as a huge shoutout to the film industry so that they get their facts right before disgracing and manipulating the history of brave Pilots and Soldiers in the war.

  44. Nilesh Gandhi

    Excellent review & write up 👍 While in uniform,I had my best tenure at Bhuj ! May see the movie to see some aerial shots of the area/ airfield – fond memories! You are a Master Green in writing 👌Kudos & look forward to more sorties from your golden pen

  45. Well humored content sir, had a laughter marathon while and after watching the movie. Kept on wondering when our artistic folks learn, research and then make a movie which will depict the forces in proper light. The best was the MIG crashing into the sea and the pilot coming out alive without even ejecting, its was an out of the world miracle that even christ almighty would have wondered how could this mortal do it!…. BLUNDERS BEYOND BELIEF 😂😂

  46. Sudipto Bandopadhaya

    Great narration sir. Absolutely hilarious I would say. These Bollywood enthusiasts have no scruples. At least consult IAF veterans for authencity. Should not be allowed to screen
    Wg Cdr- S Bandopadhaya (Retd)

  47. Vikram Narula

    Sir my commiseration on your precious 2 hours lost.
    But thanks for the wonderful analysis, had a hearty laugh.
    Jai Hind

      1. Jairam N Menon

        This review reminded me of good biryani. It’s got everything going for it. Meat, bones and lashings of humour. I need another plate, please.

  48. Very appropriate review. Unfortunately I had seen movie before reading these insights 🙁
    Sir, you may like to add another observation that Devgn had navigator’s badge on uniform while portraying as Sqn Ldr V Karnik, an F(P) officer. Not a small blunder by any means.

    1. Great review Avinash…just cleansed myself of the hang over from watching the movie. Had me in splits. Keep it coming.
      KP Nair

  49. With your amazing writing skills you could write an Indianised Catch-22. Keep it up course mate.


  50. योगेन्द्र सिंह चौहान

    अत्यंत तार्किक विश्लेषण अविनाश जी।
    मेरे विचार से रक्षा क्षेत्र से संबंधित विषयों पर फिल्म निर्माण से पूर्व निर्माता को मनोरंजन के स्तर की सामान्य तार्किकता बनाए रखने के लिए फिल्म स्क्रिप्ट पर रक्षा क्षेत्र के विशेषज्ञों से सलाह लेने की आवश्यकता थी। परंतु आपके विश्लेषण से स्पष्ट हो जाता है कि अजय देवगन जैसे प्रतिष्ठित फिल्मकार ऐसा करने में विफल रहे हैं। अन्यथा ऐसे बचकाने दृश्यों से बचा जा सकता था।

    यथार्थजीवी फिल्म दर्शकों के हित में आपसे आगे भी इसी प्रकार के फिल्म रिव्यूज की अपेक्षा रहेगी। धन्यवाद__

  51. Wg Cdr Harinder Singh ( Retd)

    Hi Avinash, thanks for your humorous analysis of the movie. Thanks for saving my money and time. Look forward to reading more from you

  52. Loved it, Avinash!
    I had a similar conversation with my runner friends over breakfast last Sunday 😄

  53. Veteran Wg Cdr TK Mittra

    Hi Avinash, wonder if we met during our service days.

    That apart, first let me congratulate you on your analytic and writing skills. Your precise scene by scene description and pointing out the flaws to the Production Team is absolutely brilliant.

    Now without any further delay let me rush to my Telly and watch this “BHUJ” where not only have I landed many many times, but also stayed in the Officers Mess several times, no, not to judge your review, but coz I have been waiting to see a real Funny & “Hilarious Movie” for a long while & all my searches have been DNCO.

    Wish you the very best and shall look forward to reading more of your Blogs in the near future.



  54. Hi Avinash, great analysis hilariously put forth. With this, you have given free publicity for the movie. Many will want to watch it for the wrong reasons – to have a hearty laugh. Keep writing.

  55. Avinash your review is awesome. I would actually see the movie just so I can get a good laugh at all the tamasha….Keep writing. You need to do it more often.


  56. Avinash excellent review. Unfortunately had already seen the movie. But have never laughed so much, for quite some time, while reading your piece.

  57. Col Arunkumar Keshav Shinde

    Avi nicely written and conveyed. Unfortunately our Bollywood people for commercial requirements do whatever they want with the story which is bad for our Defence Forces.

  58. Nishant Kaura

    Great Review Avinash. Now I’m yearning for my childhood so that I can watch this movie…that seems to be the only way.
    But seriously these film makers should be taken to task for such inane portrayals of Faujis.

  59. Avinash, bang on. You nailed it. What do you expect from bollywood morons?? I had no intention of watching it…. but, having read n enjoyed your very hilarious, detailed n graphic description I may??? succumb to the temptation, just to do justice to your review. 😨

  60. Avinash, bang on. You nailed it. What do you expect from bollywood morons?? I had no intention of watching it…. but, having read n enjoyed your very hilarious, detailed n graphic description I may??? succumb to the temptation, just to do justice to your review. 😨

  61. Very well written Capt.Now a days to grab many awards and recognition,many such true events in dramatic way & are made to influence people in different ways.

      1. Rajiv Gandotra

        As always, excellent analysis and great articulation. Wish the censor board takes input from connected and experienced warriors before releasing the movie. Regards.

  62. Well done Chikte, you have meticulously brought out the deficiencies of a supposedly real life situation that most of the Air Force Bases face. It appears that the movie was made for commercial reasons and profit. No point in trying to sell the trials & tribulations of the Armed forces. Advice the Bollywood to keep away from such insincere attempts to portray the Armed forces. The audience is well read and educated will not be swayed.

  63. debashishmukherjee18

    Hi Uncle, beautiful piece. Unfortunately I saw the flick this Sunday, right after Shershah. You can understand the pain and horror I must have felt after watching Ajay Devgan starrer movie.
    Had a good hearty laugh after reading it completely.

    My best to you.
    Debashish Mukherjee

  64. Hi Avinash. A very detailed analysis. Good to see you and your literary achievements. Best wishes.

    I am sure this movie could do a great business and will generate loads of much needed money for the nation. In the form of taxes. People might even then get some respite from petrol price rises..
    It was unlikely that I would have seen the movie of this genre. But as mentioned earlier it is now a tiny weeny bit tempting to consider watching it.

    By the way do you have a script ready for a possible venture of Balakot and its preceding events. Around the time of electioneering. It could be such an exclusive mix of so many Rasa. If not nine a handful for sure.. maybe you will have to make two versions. One for Cannes and another for the Bhuj movie goers.

    This comment is typed on an old mobile and apologies if any typos have crept in. Not all have a pilot’s eyesight either.

    Thanks Mitra.


  65. Chiks
    Totally subscribe to your view
    Have advised my friends against watching the movie unless they want to have a good laugh

  66. Jayvantrao Deshmukh

    Sir actually the Film censor board should have at least three members from the armed forces, i.e. Army, Navy & Airforce. So this type of bullshit is not shown to the people. The message going to the innocent public is very wrong.

  67. Hhahahah…very well written. After having read your review i want to watch the movie even more than before

  68. Sakshi Khorana

    Hilarious. Gigs and gags full on.. Amazingly scripted with over flowing humour.

      1. Hi Avinash I think that was a perfect critical review of the film from an expert and one who was at Bhuj and also was in the business of flying planes. Well written. I think you have saved my two hours by making me not to the see the movie. Thanks buddy keep in touch.

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