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बायको गावाला गेली म्हणून…

माझी बायको शाळेच्या सहलीला एका दिवसासाठी गावाला गेली म्हणून सुचलेली हि कविता.

मुलगा आणि नवीन सून,
सजवलेल्या गाडीत बसून,
भुर्रर्रकन गेले उडून,
करायला हनिमून.

त्यांना एवढं खुशीत बघून,
बायकोला मिठीत घेऊन,
मी म्हणालो आपणहून,
आपला आता पुन्हा हनिमून.

ती म्हणाली खुदकन हसून,
मी गेलीये थकून भागून.
मी म्हणलं तू ये उटीला जाऊन,
अन् मी जातो डेहराडून!

5 thoughts on “बायको गावाला गेली म्हणून…”

  1. Avinash,
    Is thIs the translation of the last stanza?

    “She said smiling to herself,
    I was exhausted.
    I said you come to Ooty,
    And I go to Dehradun!”

    Please correct the translation; to convey the intended meaning, context and/or perspective..
    However, enjoyed reading the Marathi version, though, couldn’t place a few words.

      1. As promised, here we are.
        It is not a word to word translation, and the rhyme is different, but the (universal) theme and the meaning are same! 🙂

        When the son and his new wife
        Flew far away for a honeymoon,
        I hugged my wife and said,
        Hoping to make her swoon,
        “To rekindle our old romance
        Let’s go for a second honeymoon.”
        Wife said, “Oh I’m too tired now, but,
        Maybe we could go sometime soon.”
        “Alright,” I sighed, “You go to Ooty then,
        “And I… I will go to Dehradun!”

  2. Reminds me of Loggerheads: Loreal and Loritta. He is telling her,”Lets go for a walk. …. In opposite directions.”

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