Infunnytely Indian

I am a former fighter pilot (MiG 21), current airline pilot (Boeing 737), husband of one (Since 1984), father of two and friend to many.

In school, I was known to be an enthralling storyteller. My later life experiences, however, encouraged silent obedience – in the military as well as in marriage!

I re-discovered the passion in my late fifties with a blog, even wrote an aviation thriller novel, and am now busy writing, when not in the cockpit.

When I was young, I thought I could change the world. Now, having grown (a bit) wiser with age, I know I cannot change anything, not even myself.

So, I laugh at things I cannot change… and the world is so full of them.

As Harry Belafonte has said, “No one ever wants my opinion about anything, on any subject, at any time, about nothing!”

But should that stop me – and you? Certainly not.

Oh fine, let’s opine! And let’s laugh together. 🙂

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