भुज – न भूतो न भविष्यति!

मी भारतीय हवाई सेनेत लढाऊ वैमानिक होतो आणि भुजमध्ये दोन कार्यकाळ केले आहेत. तब्बल पाच वर्षं त्या भागात उड्डाण केल्यामुळे, मी माझ्या वायूसेना आणि कच्छमधील आनंदी आठवणींना उजाळा देण्यास उत्सुक होतो. पण हा चित्रपट बघून माझ्या डोळ्यात पाणी आलं. खरंच आलं. पण हसून हसून पाणी आलं, कारण निर्माते इतके गंभीर असूनही हा चित्रपट हास्यास्पद निघाला. …

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‘Bhuj – The Pride of India’ is But a Ride of Hysteria!

I was a fighter pilot in the Indian Air Force and have done two tenures in Bhuj. Having spent five years flying over and driving around Kutch, I was keen to relive the happy memories of my days in the IAF and in Kutch. I must confess, the movie brought tears to my eyes. Tears …

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DTH: A Truly TRAIng Task!

“Haven’t you done the job yet?” Wife asked. “I’m trying…” I said, actually trying only to sound more confident than I felt. If you have done that job, and that too in one attempt, I salute you. I’m talking about the Package Selection for the television channels from your DTH provider, as mandated by the …

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Facebook Friend or Fiend?

Remember the song from The Sound of Music, ‘I am sixteen, going on seventeen?’ Well, I am fifty six, going on fifty seven. Naturally, I’m not too active on Facebook. All I do is regularly wish people happy birthdays and occasionally post links to new articles on my blog. Beyond that, I’m largely a mute, …

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