The Old Man & She! (Ebook for download)

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A thought-provoking elderly romantic comedy!

Can you fall in love at 60?
Ravi Rao, a retired widower, has only one ambition—getting his daughter married.
His otherwise tranquil life turns turbulent when his daughter returns from abroad with her American boyfriend, a most suitable match, and her future mother-in-law Liz, a most unsuitable match.
Liz, a fiery, free-spirited divorcee, enters his home and heart with equal ferocity!
A groom’s mother is the most important person in any marriage in India, and no one dare annoy her, but their very first meeting ends in a disaster.
Two distinctly dissimilar elders—with their quirks and quibbles, fads and foibles—thrown together by fate, inevitably clash.
Even when their mutual scorn changes to reluctant respect, Ravi finds himself in bizarrely comic and scandalous situations he has never faced before.
He’s happy, but confused and worried. Is he in love? At a wrong age, wrong time, and with a wrong person?
What will win? Taboos or passions? Loneliness… or love?

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13 reviews for The Old Man & She! (Ebook for download)

  1. Vinod Patil

    A very well written book about life after middle age, a situation faced by many middle-class families – children in foreign countries – forcing single parents to lead a lonely life. Some might want new relationships, which may or may not last, but the will to live a full life and have fun, brings life to your years and adds years to your life. Written in a very simple English which any average reader can understand, I thoroughly enjoyed the story. Wish you more such interesting writing adventures.

  2. Col Ravindra Sapre

    Just finished reading ‘The Old Man & She!’ I must say it’s very well put across, interesting, and a page turner. All the best for your future ventures. 👍

  3. Sunil Gavaskar. C (Dubai)

    The Old man and She! This story is narrated so well that it seemed real, as if it was happening right in front of me. Enjoyed the book thoroughly, even though I’m nowhere near 60! Hope someone makes a movie with this script.

  4. Reji Koduvath (Toronto, Canada)

    Can you fall in love at 60? Why not?? That is the essence of this book – love can begin at any age, and there is no place today for cultural or religious barriers. The author has explained the tornadoes that go through the minds of people in a relationship – across religions, cultures, and races. I have experienced it and I vouch for the authenticity of most situations well crafted in this book. A good read, and a feel-good book.

  5. Ashish Vohra

    I just finished the book and enjoyed it. The location settings and cultural references do impart authenticity. The dream sequence at the beginning and the end worked very well, but I think the picture could have been made a little more vivid. I found some phone messages and the poetry a little inconsistent with two mature individuals. The point that you have raked up is a major one and somewhat unusual. The build-up does keep you interested till the end. Congrats for putting this work of art together. Well done!

  6. Zeeri Linda

    Awesome story! With every page I started craving for more. I am 100% sure that we all, irrespective of our age, can associate with the wonderful characters of this book. It’s incredible to see how the author has been able to beautifully capture the biases and strong emotions though a very simple yet very engaging story. I truly admire the perspective of the author. It’s a book that makes you laugh madly, put you to deep introspection, gives you teary eyes and again laugh… It’s a must read.

  7. A. Nair

    ‘The Old Man & She’ is an un-put-down-able book. The lucid language and fast pace allows for a quick read. The story is unique, well written and applicable to all age groups and reading levels. This is a perfect, light-hearted book for your daily commutes or late night reading sessions. Go ahead and pick up a copy!

  8. Aditya Belpathak (Houston, USA)

    Gripping and humorous, with punches lined up like a freight train. On occasion, it really makes you think, by providing a window into the minds of two elders; their thoughts, actions, and reactions while coming to terms with life as it unravels for both of them based on their individual cultures. A topsy-turvy tale of ‘east meets west’ and the magic that ensues, ‘The Old Man & She’ is a must for everyone’s bookshelf!

  9. Ulhas Bodhankar

    Great story! Enjoyed the sense of humour and the Indian narrative! Also liked the portrayal of charaters, the build-up to the relationship and the basic human behaviour angle! Superb! You write very well! Look forward to more from you! Cheers to the old man! 🙂

  10. Brigadier Harish Ratnaparkhi

    I started reading the book to finish it in a few days, but the story was so gripping that I continued and finished in one sitting. An incredible tale full of emotions, love and drama. A must for all young and not so young. Recommended for all ages. Well done, Avinash Chikte, you made my day!

  11. Sagar Gahuri (Nairobi, Kenya)

    An incredible emotional roller coaster ride, especially the last few chapters. The book gave me mild anxiety, followed by a sigh of relief, teary eyes and a big wide smile. A truly phenomenal job of writing by the author. I ended up finishing the book in one sitting! The choice of words and the narrative, were just on point. The two main characters in this book reside in all of us, this book is sure to take you on an emotional journey. Looking forward to the author’s next book.

  12. Sagar Shegaonkar

    Just finished reading ‘The Old Man & She!’ Got instantly hooked to it, and I was often rolling with laughter. The book took me on a journey of discovery about how love finds its way and how it grows on you, no matter what your age. The author gives hope to all lonely hearts that life gives everyone a chance to fall in love.

  13. Wg Cdr Puneet Sharma

    Finished in one sitting. A lively and lovely read. Really engrossing, it made me skip my morning routine of cycling. Another gem from the author!

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