The Old Man & She! (Paperback, Printed, Hard Copy)

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A thought-provoking elderly romantic comedy!

Can you fall in love at 60?
Ravi Rao, a retired widower, has only one ambition—getting his daughter married.

His otherwise tranquil life turns turbulent when his daughter returns from abroad with her American boyfriend, a most suitable match, and her future mother-in-law Liz, a most unsuitable match.
Liz, a fiery, free-spirited divorcee, enters his home and heart with equal ferocity!
A groom’s mother is the most important person in any marriage in India, and no one dare annoy her, but their very first meeting ends in a disaster.
Two distinctly dissimilar elders—with their quirks and quibbles, fads and foibles—thrown together by fate, inevitably clash.
Even when their mutual scorn changes to reluctant respect, Ravi finds himself in bizarrely comic and scandalous situations he has never faced before.
He’s happy, but confused and worried. Is he in love? At a wrong age, wrong time, and with a wrong person?
What will win? Taboos or passions? Loneliness… or love?

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14 reviews for The Old Man & She! (Paperback, Printed, Hard Copy)

  1. Harbir Chahal

    I was lucky enough to receive a signed copy of The Old Man & She from the author himself. It was a gripping and engrossing read till the very end. The tale can resonate with so many of different age groups and regions. Lots of life lessons in it. Companionship with like minded or differently minded individual of opposite gender too can turn into liking and love and lift you out of loneliness, boredom and monotonous living. A great effort sir. Awaiting your next one.

  2. Neelima Gore

    The amusing title made me pick up the book. Initially I was intrigued by the idea of such a playful concept, but it is so well written that I really enjoyed reading it. The things which touched me were the emotions and the thoughts of the characters, which are so explicit that we can easily feel them. And that itself speaks volumes about the calibre of a person as a writer. Last but not the least, I liked the ending as well which was happy, smooth and practical.
    ‘The Old Man & She’ is light humour. To me it is a re-confirmation that love is a feeling, that is independent of your age.
    I congratulate the author for his wonderful work.

  3. Surya Jadhav

    The book makes interesting reading. Great plot, good narration and the suspense about the outcome of the relationship is well kept till the end. The Author has nicely scripted the love relationship which wouldn’t raise any eyebrows in western countries, but here it’s a taboo. I am sure the same would be the opinion of single senior citizens who seek emotional support through companionship.
    I enjoyed reading the book. You are good storyteller. Keep it up. Best wishes.

  4. Dr. Thomas T Thomas

    The book is an easy read, and I finished it in one go. Certainly a different sort of romance, the characters coming from contrasting backgrounds adding spice and comedy. The author has a unique style of writing – fluent, witty, and engaging.

  5. P.S.Ganesh

    The Old Man & She is a fun to read novel, starting with its title which is a neat spin off from Ernest Hemingway’s iconic book. It definitely keeps you gripped. The theme is simple, neatly narrated and is quite humorous, with the punchlines making one smile, while the twists in the tale leave you pleasantly surprised. One can easily associate with the four characters in the story. Each one has been fleshed out superbly. The book cocks a snook at the Indian society which believes that love and romance have a ‘best before’ date and it is unwise, and maybe even sinful, to dabble in it beyond that expiry date. Though it is a light-hearted and expertly narrated romantic comedy, it also dwells upon the physiological and psychological needs of the emotionally unattached people in their 60s. A salute to the Author for giving us this enjoyable book and looking forward to many more from him.

  6. Ktishnamurthy M

    The very title, ‘The Old Man & She’ is indicative of fun! This is one of the few books I completed reading at one stretch. The theme is simple, and the expression lucid. Every incident is narrated in a very interesting style, punctuated with subtle humour, fun and pun. The flow of the language is smooth, simple, apt and appropriate. My ‘jaw dropped’ many times as I enjoyed the similes and quotes. Hearty congratulations.

  7. Nitin Gadkari

    Just read the book. It’s a nice, light hearted romantic comedy. Thanks and well done.

  8. Priti Kohal

    A relaxing, enchanting, much needed love story with a feel good factor and a happy ending. Makes one wonder if we create unnecessary limitations in our minds about love. Simple storytelling plus our deep connection and involvement with the characters makes the book difficult to put down. A great read.

  9. Kavita K

    An amazing concept about a topic unexplored, especially in India. It’s simply an unputdownable book, which is humorous and witty. It deals with the sensitive topic of love, wants, and needs at an age where people feel ashamed and scared about the wrath of the society. This tale of two lovers – who are old in age but younger at heart than many young lovers – will make you believe in the unbelievable. Kudos to the author for this truly inspiring story. To every Dom and Syl out there, never lose hope, love can happen at any age, and come unannounced.😍😉

  10. S N Deshpande

    A unique story narrated in a simple, open and effective manner. Reading the book made me feel as if I was the character, although not as lucky as him to come across a feisty lady. 🙂 The other characters are seamlessly integrated in the story. I can relate to this narration. The author is a quintessential romantic with a humorous bone and puts fantasies to paper effortlessly. Read the book!

  11. Mamta Verma

    The OLD MAN and SHE is a unique, simple and humorous 3D love story full of emotions and a must read for both young and old generations.

  12. Subhash

    Good one! Keep writing and adding more books.

  13. Wg Cdr Nilesh Gandhi (Veteran)

    Loved reading ‘The Old Man & She!’ Unique style of story building and narration.👍 Felt as if I was with Ravi and Liz all the time 😍

  14. Ram Athavale

    This book is a hidden gem, a story that can appeal to all ages. I, too, felt like being a part of the story. So much so that I would like to meet Liz. Seems to be quite an interesting character! 🙂

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