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I am a former fighter pilot (MiG 21), current airline pilot (Boeing 737), husband of one (Since 1984), father of two and friend to many.

In school, I was known to be an enthralling storyteller. My later life experiences, however, encouraged silent obedience – in the military as well as in marriage!

I re-discovered the passion in my late fifties with a blog, wrote an aviation thriller novel, and have now written a thought-provoking romantic comedy. I’m happily busy writing, when not in the cockpit.

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After some of my blog posts went viral, Indiatimes.com invited me to write for them. I wrote a lot of short aviation related ‘explainers’ for their young readership, in simple and jargon-free language that everyone could easily follow.

I felt touched and honoured when a veteran, who had flown during the 1971 war, thanked me and said, “Now my grandchildren will understand what I did in that war.”

In the armed forces, we have a post called Commander-in-Chief.
In the same – and a lighter – vein, I now call myself Explainer-in-Brief!

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