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I am a former fighter pilot (MiG 21), current airline pilot (Boeing 737), husband of one (Since 1984), father of two and friend to many. In school, I was known to be an enthralling storyteller. My later life experiences, however, encouraged silent obedience–in the military as well as in marriage! I re-discovered the passion in my late fifties with a blog titled ‘Infunnytely Indian,’ then wrote an aviation thriller novel, and have now penned a thought-provoking romantic comedy.

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The Old Man & She!
₹259 ₹229
Can you fall in love at 60?
Ravi Rao, a retired widower, has only one ambition—getting his daughter married.
His tranquil life turns turbulent when his daughter returns from abroad with her American boyfriend, a most suitable match, and her future mother-in-law Liz, a most unsuitable match.
Liz, a fiery, free-spirited divorcee, enters his home and heart with equal ferocity!
He’s happy, but confused and worried. Is he in love? At a wrong age, wrong time, and with a wrong person?
What will win? Taboos or passions? Loneliness… or love?

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Man Behind the Missing Machine
₹324 ₹259
Most flights reach most destinations… but some don’t.
He boarded the plane, did something inside, and deplaned.
That flight took off, but never landed.
He has no name, no identity, no address, and no country. With nowhere to start, a long way to go and a looming deadline, a dangerous pursuit unfolds. The world is watching, national pride is at stake, and failure is not an option. But success seems so unlikely…
Join this mission for a pulse-racing adventure, a shocking revelation, and a touching finale.

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Want to read a few sample chapters? CLICK HERE PLEASE
चष्मे बुद्दू मराठी विनोदी कथा
₹150 ₹119
रोज आपल्याला कोणी ना कोणी ‘उल्लू’ बनवत असतात, जाणून बुजून किंवा अजाणतेपणी. त्याचा त्रास करून घ्यायचा, का त्यावर हसत मार्ग काढायचा, हे आपलं आपण ठरवायचं.
विनोदाला कारुण्याची झालर असावी असे विचारवंत म्हणतात. इथे जगण्याच्या धडपडीत आयुष्यच इतकं कारुण्यमय झालं आहे कि कधीकधीच त्यात हसण्यासारखे काही प्रसंग येतात, जे वेचावे अन साठवावे लागतात. हेच ते प्रसंग.
सुख दु:खे नेहेमीचीच, पण त्यांच्याकडे मिश्कील चष्म्यातून बघून, आपण किती बुद्दू ठरलो हे कळल्यावरही हसता येणे हा ही पराक्रमच.
विद्वत्तेचा आव न आणता, काहीही भव्य दिव्य न केलेल्या आणि करूही न शकणाऱ्या सामान्य माणसाचे हे हास्य-चिंतन, तुम्हाला हसवेल, सुखावेल, आणि अधून मधून हेलावूनही सोडेल.

I’m happily busy writing, when not in the cockpit.

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After some of my blog posts went viral, Indiatimes.com invited me to write for them. I wrote a lot of short aviation related ‘explainers’ for their young readership, in simple and jargon-free language that everyone could understand. I felt touched and honoured when a veteran, who had flown during the 1971 war, thanked me and said, “Now my grandchildren will understand what I did in that war.”

In the armed forces, we have a post called Commander-in-Chief. In the same–and a lighter–vein, they now call me Explainer-in-Brief!

For my articles on Indiatimes, please click here https://www.indiatimes.com/author/avinash-chikte/5150

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