Man Behind the Missing Machine

Hello Readers,

Three years ago, I was the Pilot-in-Command of SpiceJet flight SG 052, flying from Dubai to Pune. While cruising at 39,000 feet over the Arabian Sea at 3 a. m. on a dark night, an idea flashed in my head and this book was born!

The story is based on my extensive flying experience, my knowledge of aviation history, and of course, my imagination. As I’ve said in the novel, “Hazy is the horizon where fact meets fiction.”

This tale is a combination of many facts and lots of fiction!

I’ve been flying for 40 years, roughly half each in the Air Force and in civil, and with SpiceJet for the last 13 years.
I flew MiG 21 in the IAF and now fly Boeing 737.

Here’s an introduction to the intriguing, suspenseful story, while the Theme Music plays.

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